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What Car of the Year 2020?

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What Car of the Year 2020?


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Haymarket Media Group asked Media Powerhouse to come up with a creative and theatrical way of introducing the “What Car of the Year” to an industry audience of up to 1000 people in the Great Room at the Grosvenor House Hotel. We were working with the inhouse rigging team Roadrunner and we provided the following solution.
A self-climbing truss support system was designed to enable us to create a star cloth black box for the winning car, and to support the LED wall columns enabling them to be tracked left and right. The stage was designed in such a way to give maximum support to the winning vehicle so it could be trucked forward and rotated.

A single 15m x 2.5m front projection screen was built from an aluminium frame with a stretched white projection surface with black backing. The screen was hung downstage of the ground support truss system off a separate run of truss. It was hung from five points along the framework with steel wire and Reutlingers to enable easy and slight adjustment to its working height and alignment.

Using DigiLED 3.2mm tiles we constructed 8 columns which were 2m high x 1m wide set at 1m apart. These were hung off a separate beam slightly upstage of the projection screen so that the working height could be adjusted, and 2 columns of 4.5m high x 1m wide at the ends of the screen from the ground support truss system. The central 8 LED columns were controlled by a Kinesis system to enable the columns to be moved towards the outside columns to create a central space for the car to move downstage and rotate during the reveal.

Projection for the main screen was set up on the opposite balcony and projected over the handrail and glass. The projectors used were the Panasonic PT RZ21’s Laser projectors both main and back up, soft edge blend, giving an overall pixel count of 3600 x 600. Control for the LED columns and Projection was off a Barco E2 Management system running fibre links to processors and projectors. A Single JVC GY-HM890 Fibre HD Camera Kit set at the back of the room with ISO record. Show and Back up Millumin Towers Multi-Channel Media Servers.

Complimenting the in-house audio system with a Yamaha QL5 desk and digital multicore with two Yamaha Rio 1608-D – Dante Stage Boxes, four D&B QSubs and four Q7’s , eight E3’s as front fills, D&B D20 amplifiers, and lastly Shure digital radio Microphones.

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