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Vodafone The Speechmark

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Vodafone The Speechmark

The Speechmark refurbishment project represents a major investment from Vodafone in their technology workforce and in a central London office space.

As part of this refurbishment, Media Powerhouse worked with the architects to design a transparent LED screen that would appear to float within the expansive glass facade.

The LED wall was designed in a broken up patten, whilst also following the faceted curve of the windows. The LED product chosen was an extremely light-weight mesh designed and manufactured by our preferred supplier, which allows for high transparency and minimal loss of light within the atrium space, whilst reducing the size of structure required to suspend it.

The suspension system was designed by Media Powerhouse’s in-house construction and structural designer. Additional tubular steel beams that run horizontally were fabricated and bolted to the vertical structural members supporting the facade roof. From these, thin steel cable assemblies run down to the LED wall. Making the suspension method appear almost invisible.

The inconspicuous rigging was supplemented with a custom designed cable management solution to discreetly supply power and data to the LED wall. Often this would consist of bulky conduits or large cable looms, however at The Speechmark, low profile steel box section runs down two of the vertical steel columns to contain the cabling, RAL colour matched to blend-in.

This careful approach to the crossover between design, aesthetics and the application of technology has become a hallmark of Media Powerhouse installations. Working at all levels between equipment manufacturers through to the building’s designers and construction managers to realise the client’s vision.

In addition to the facade LED wall, Media Powerhouse also equipped The Speechmark with a state of the art presentation space. The space features a large format, high-resolution LED video wall, along with all of the necessary equipment for diverse usage requirements, including: live streamed events, video conferencing and presentations. 

The space features the ability to be ‘self-drive’, based on Media Powerhouse’s ability to integrate all of the technology seamlessly; allowing users to operate the system by simply connecting a laptop, causing the screen to turn on, the microphones to become live and the stage lighting to fade up.

This is supplemented by a digital sound console and vision mixing system for when the space is used for high profile event such as CEO/COO presentations and shareholders events. 

Media Powerhouse prides itself on having in-house expertise across many disciplines from structural design to AV design and installation, allowing the team to bring The Speechmark project to life.

“The Speechmark, Vodafone’s new digital hub in London, has undergone a £6.5m refurbishment and now houses a 1000-strong consumer, digital, and tech workforce.”


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