virtual gallery FUNCTIONALITY


• Remote access for all presenters, audience, participants, and crew

• Locally hosted graphics, PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides – allowing for full slide transitions, animations, and embedded VT playback

• Full embedded video playback - mp4, .h264, .mov

• Controlled audio including mix minus to ensure removal of audio feedback

• Programmable split screen layouts showing graphics and presenter, presenter and guest, voting result and presenter etc

• Live updateable broadcast lower third titling graphics

• Onscreen graphical branding

• Teleprompting on request

• Program recording

• Maximum output 1920x1080@60 fps for high quality webcasting

• Creates a RTMP stream that can connect to the clients host provider or bespoke hosting solution for webcasting via Media Powerhouse
• Up to twenty four remote presenters with full presenter “DSM” video return at any one time

• Programmable “DSM” video return foldback to the presenter’s laptop including prompt, graphics, presenter view, speaker timer, program output

• Presenter remote cueing solution for slide advancing

• Presenters connection using any device via internet browser – Chrome or Firefox preferred

• Secure access for all presenters via WebRTC encrypted access connection to ensure complete security

• Multiple guest connections for interviews and Q&A via meeting platforms – zoom, skype etc

• Multiview output of all video sources and program to remote production show crew including audio talkback and audio show relay via Unity production comms

• Virtual in-ear monitoring to presenters by show producer


Two MCR's in St. Albans each with the following functionality:

• 24 remote presenters per Virtual Gallery MCR

• 16 WebRTC presenters via vMix Call c/w full presenter talkback from production, programmable video returns or virtual DSM

• 8 independent VC connections of the clients choice depending on the presenters preferred VC platform via the VC Server Farm

• All VC connections c/w full presenter talkback, programmable video returns / virtual DSM

• Virtual Gallery Green Room - Customisable up to 24 presenters with full video and audio connection to each presenter with audio connection to production to enable pre show discussion and familiarisation

• Live "on line" demo connections to enable full 30fps screen sharing for external content

• Traditional "down the line" telephone connection enabling presenters to connect even if they lose network connectivity c/w full presenter talkback from production
• Complete Unity worldwide crew communications allowing for the equivalent of 6 party rings that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, remote crew or remote studio for example

• Lower 3rds creation and playback

• Virtual set integration for advanced green screen shoots and dynamic camera moves and positions

• Locally hosted graphics, PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides – allowing for full slide transitions, animations, and embedded VT playback at full frame rate

• Web based production sources from 3rd party’s - Voting and Q&A sources

• Allows full dynamic screen animation builds of all on screen content

• Dedicated 200Mb external connection per MCR and shared 200Mb back up external connection

• Dedicated welfare facilities


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