Uplighting services

Uplighting hire & rental

Uplighting is a great choice to make your event stand out and transform it into a more extraordinary setting. Media Powerhouse prides itself in providing quality uplighting rental services for your special event, allowing for the best results to take place

Customise and highlight your event with quality uplighting equipment

In order to garner the best possible reactions and results from your event, you need to make sure the equipment you’re utilising is up to measure.  Uplighting hire entails different lighting fixtures with ability to adapt to your theme colour, highlighting all the event aspects and focal points you want.

Detail attentive uplighting services

Given the fact no uplighting is created equal, it is necessary to be attentive to details and highlight just the “mood” you want. In order to be a welcome addition to your event, our event uplighting services come with quality equipment and experienced team of technicians.

Stunning illumination for every even

Our uplighting services exist to enhance the mood of your event, and direct it toward celebratory or feelings of anticipation – whichever you prefer. Wherever your event is taking place, we promise our outdoor and indoor uplighting will be a welcome addition.


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