With Digital out of Home advertising becoming a significant part of all our lives, the team at Media Powerhouse are investing a lot of time and resource to making sure we are best placed to play our part in this market.

We can offer any solution from a simple LCD display for signage, to multiple outdoor roadside 48 Sheet digital poster boards. As a traditional audio-visual integrator, we can design, supply, install and maintain these screens, but are also able to provide installation or maintenance services separately, even if we are not providing the technology. With vast experience in screen technologies of all types, we can accommodate most technology choices.

With a dedicated DOOH install team experienced in working in all conditions, indoors and outdoors, during daylight or overnight, we can cover DOOH installations and maintenance contracts throughout the UK.

Don’t forget if you want to make your DOOH installation interactive or want to add an audio solution just let us know.


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