Remote working is here to stay but you may still require live events to reach your target audience and promote your businesses and products.

Everyone is familiar with broken audio streams, presenters talking over each other and the restrictions in the use of traditional software and hardware VC solutions for presentation use.

Media Powerhouse now have the answer. We have developed a solution that overcomes all these problems and adds professional high-end production values delivering broadcast quality to your online event – “Virtual Gallery”.

Virtual Gallery brings a full production crew, properly cued presenters, audio mix minus’ to remove the chance of audio feedback, presentation and live broadcast graphics all controlled via a bespoke Master Control Room.

This means that crucially all the crew, presenters and audience can access the show remotely. The event producer can communicate with the presenters when they are not live, and the crew can talk to each other on a closed circuit whilst viewing a dedicated Multiview.

We host all graphic content locally to maintain full transitions, animations, and embedded video all of which can be cued remotely by the presenters in the same way as they would traditionally cue from the main stage. Furthermore, guests can also be brought in from meeting platforms such as zoom and skype for interviews, Q&A etc.

The system is expandable to include live camera inputs from our studio facility which includes Virtual 3D Green Screen sets or purpose-built stage sets with options for lighting, video, and audio.



  • Remote access for all presenters, audience, participants, and crew.

  • Locally hosted graphics PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides – allowing for full slide transitions,

    animations, and embedded VT playback

  • Web based production sources from 3rd party’s – Voting and Q&A sources

  • Allows full dynamic screen animation builds of all on screen content

  • Full embedded video playback – .mp4, .h264, .mov

  • Controlled audio including mix minus to ensure removal of audio feedback

  • Programmable split screen layouts showing graphics and presenter, presenter and guest, voting result

    and presenter etc.

  • Live updateable broadcast lower third titling graphics

  • Full onscreen graphical branding

  • Full teleprompting on request

  • Full program recording.

  • Maximum output 1920×1080@59.94fps for high quality webcasting

  • Creates a RTMP stream that can connect to the clients Host Provider or bespoke hosting solution for

    webcasting via Media Powerhouse.

  • Up to four remote Presenters with full presenter “DSM” video return at any one time

  • Programable “DSM” video return foldback feed to the presenter’s laptop including prompt, graphics

    presenter view, speaker timer, program output

  • Presenter remote cueing solution for slide advancing

  • Presenters connection using any device via internet browser – Chrome or Firefox preferred

  • Secure access for all presenters via WebRTC encrypted access connection to ensure complete security

  • Multiple guest connections for interviews and Q&A via meeting platforms – zoom, skype etc

  • Multiview output of all video sources and program to remote production show crew including audio

    talkback and audio show relay

  • Virtual in-ear monitoring to presenters by show producer

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