Video projection &
streaming services

Quality video serrvices and equipment

Most events are brought to life by visual technology and the way it is deployed. 

Video has the power to grasp and hold an audience’s attention, so it is vital to get this right. Our Video services team has been successfully specifying, sourcing and supplying state of the art video technologies for decades.

We hold stocks of a very broad range of all video hardware including LCD screens of every size, LED screen technology, a full range of projectors, a vast array of video processing, content delivery systems and broadcast camera packages.

Video services - from strategy to event video production

Like every serious company, we place the utmost importance in the quality of our video services. Before heading into video production, we aim to create a strategy. The strategy is a necessary step, where we define your message and decide on the most suitable approach, that will ultimately produce the outcome you desire.

Video projection strategy

Strategy part of our video services focuses on research of your audience, as well as the final outcome of your event. We produce videos dedicated to the goal of your event and in sync with your crowd – we target the right people and create video content that will dispatch your message across the room.

Event video production

Having in mind that video is a kind of medium that proved to be the most powerful in communicating your message across, the sheer quality of it is what makes it done right. Our aim is to create compelling video content that will stir people into action, make them rethink their attitudes or even provoke them. Our creative event video production does just that – provide high quality, structured video content with meaning.

Videography services that will help you tell your story

Your identity, services, products, philosophy – all of that is a part of your narrative and your story, through corporate videography services, live event streaming or video projection services . Our dedicated videography team is focused on creating a memorable,  enduring impression that will capture all the emotion and value you want to communicate to your audience. We create video content that will expedite your audience into becoming your customers, byers or even partners.

Video streaming services - our approach and process

Whether you opt for live streaming service or video broadcasting services, our approach is always the same.  Our goal is to provide you with the best possible results, and to deliver the service promptly and efficiently. We are your partner from the moment we explore and identify the ideas, to the moment of delivery and realisation.

Video projection services that push the limit of event production technology

Pushing the limits of our live event videography is our specialty, and the only way we want to grow. Every event video services inquiry allows to test ourselves further, experiment, learn and deliver the fruits of our labour back to you. If you want to know more about our event video services and all the ways we can help you achieve your goals, send us an inquiry and get a tailored quote!