Event staging solutions &
stage rental

Rent our complete staging solutions

Media Powerhouse provides a comprehensive scenic construction and staging services that encompass both stage rental and hire. We can design and build complete bespoke stage sets for your conference, exhibition or event, or simply produce an individual piece of furniture.

If bespoke staging solutions are not what you are looking for, you will almost certainly find what you need in our repository of stock sets, including View Light, the reusable modular staging system.

At Media Powerhouse we make it our business to have the flexibility to cater for every element of your requirement however unique or extraordinary, so, make sure to take a look at our professional event staging services!

Event staging service for live events

Staging services are about designing live events that will transform the entire atmosphere and feeling of the event. Our aim is to pour your ideas into your show and content, and therefore, make it unforgettable. Your goal is to communicate  a message, ours is to use design and bespoke staging solutions to make it even more inspirational and impactful.

Staging construction and design

Our task is to provide the real creative setting for your event, in order to make it even more professional and beaming. This we do with the help of our specialists and technicians, utilizing just the right type of staging equipment.

Materialise your idea with technical fabrication

Whether you are in search of stage platform rental or portable stage hire, we are able to provide and deliver all the elements and custom builds you require, following the industry’s best practices and regulations.

Stage equipment rental for your event

Event stage rentals depend on the type of event – whether it belongs to a more traditional setting, or if it is going to be a little more special. Organising special live events, requires the right amount of expertise and staging equipment. Aside from indoor settings, we offer a wide range of outdoor stage rental solutions, allowing us to cater to even the most demanding organisation. Our dedicated team of professionals, along with the right staging equipment, allows us to participate in customisation, and offer some innovative solutions for you to take into consideration.

Take your event to the next level with MPH staging solutions

Event industry is all about connecting people in the right environment, while our staging solutions and services are there to provide you with just the right scenery to do so. As one of the stage building companies, we are the behind the scenes professionals helping you in realisation of your vision, whether by equipping a corporate party, trade show or a campaign. When it comes to stage hire, UK’s finest stand at your disposal. Give us a call and find out more about our staging solutions.


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