Rigging services

Professional rigging services UK

From a projector screen to a museum exhibit Media Powerhouse has the experience and knowledge to safely suspend whatever you require.

We have invaluable experience in a wide variety of specialist installations and we understand the legal and safety requirements of each individual project that requires rigging services.

Our installation teams are hand picked from our full time staff and a pool of expert freelance riggers you can count every step of the way.

Rigging events - best rigging solutions for your event

Rigging events is one our specialty services, and unlike most rigging companies, our services are focused on events and communicating your message effectively, by using all the elements combined. We offer high quality rigging solutions, using all the necessary equipment and cables.

Rigging installation and infrastructure

Any event production is incomplete without right rigging infrastructure. Our job is to cover everything from technical plans and site analysis, equipment specification, to actual provision of professional rigging equipment and riggers.

Commitment and professionalism as our core values

Professional rigging services we offer require a certain level of dedication and commitment to the final result – that being the event itself. We make sure that the event site meets all the regulations, as well as for the professionals we employ to hold required certificates.

Safe and reliable rigging services

Rigging events has a tendency to be a high risk job, and therefore it has to be undertaken by professionals, who can vouch for their expertise. Our rigging services are dedicated primarily to the success of the entire event, providing you with rigging solutions that will boost your entire event to the next level.

Plan your event with our rigging services

As an entertainment rigging company, we strive to step forward, and make our creativity and equipment at your disposal. The skeleton of your entire event depends on stable rigging, an invisible, but necessary technical aspect. If you want to know more about our rigging services and wish to send us an inquiry, make sure to contact su and get all invaluable information firsthand!


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