Event lighting services
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Fully coordinated lighting to set the mood for your event

Lighting will set the mood for any event. Our expert lighting designers and engineers can transform your entire space with our new range in state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures, including anything from battery uplighters to specialist moving lights – all of which encompasses Media Powerhouse event lighting service.

LED event lighting - green lighting services

Our investment in LED fixtures across our entire lighting fleet has led to increased efficiency and lower energy usage and helps us in our strive to become a greener company. Thanks to this investment, our event lighting rental can now be associated with environmentally friendly concepts.

Event lighting UK - unique and reliable event lighting services

When it comes to event lighting, we are striving to provide the most impeccable lighting effects, that will also contribute to the overall atmosphere. We want your crowd to identify with the visual effects surrounding them, making them cherish and remember every moment of the entire experience.

Great event lighting will transform your event, creating excitement so important for the overall atmosphere of the event. We are a company that will provide you with just that – enough anticipation surrounding your event, while tailoring and improving your brand reputation even more.

Outdoor event lighting

Our company has an extensive experience when it comes to organising events of different sizes, but the same goes for venues. If your event is taking place outside, our outdoor event lighting will bring life to your event and impress everyone attending. Make your bash truly worth remembering, with our outdoor event lighting hire.

Stage lighting hire

Whether you are organising a corporate party followed by live music, or a conference with a variety of speakers who need to be heard (and seen) loud and clear, our stage lighting hire seeks to provide the kind of support you need. Stage lighting is often innovative and tailored depending on the event, creating an unforgettable atmosphere, and maximising the impact of the overall event. We seek to forge a partnership with all of our clients and provide them with the best stage lighting rental service there is.


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