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Sound system UK - rental and hire

Media Powerhouse sound system rentals and audio hire are designed for everything from speaking engagement to amplified music. In order for a presentation to work at the most basic level, it has to be heard, therefore, audio must be regarded as the single most important element of an event. We accept it is part of a triumvirate (lighting and content being the other critical elements) but saying it is the most important element makes our sound engineers happy! If you need sound equipment rental or any other type of sound system services, be sure to contact us!

Audio equipment hire of the highest quality

The best sound comes from the most appropriate high-quality audio equipment and that’s what we supply. The sound engineers know how and why, and can dazzle you for hours on achieving auditory effect, amplification, distribution and balance, but. Our top team will provide everything necessary when it comes to audio design as well as audio gear, and we will provide you with the right equipment to ensure that your event works and works well.

Digital era and embracing trends

With the audio industry taking a huge step into the digital era Media Powerhouse has jumped and embraced the trends. So no matter what the occasion, you can be assured that you will be receiving the highest quality and most up to date sound system services you require to make your event the best it can be, especially concerning audio gear hire.

Rely on our experienced sound engineers

When it comes to audio equipment hire, our team of professional and experienced staff ensures secure and safe mounting. Relying on our team will provide an unforgettable experience for your audience, whether you are looking for sound system rental for party, music performance, conference or any other type of event.

Sound equipment of the highest quality

The type of sound equipment for your event depends on the event variety, or in other words – are organising a concert, conference or a corporate party. With our assistance, you will easily determine what kind of technical sound support you require, one that will carry the event atmosphere from start to finish.

Audio equipment rental & management

You are probably familiar with the fact that sound impacts us on multiple levels, making us prone to certain moods, and reminding us of certain experiences from our lives. Media Powerhouse offers sound reinforcements, with expert technical staff that, able to set up the sound equipment, providing your crowd with transformative event experience. 

Our audio equipment hire comes with on-set support of our dedicated team responsible for setting up and testing out the equipment, as well as monitoring the course of the event and dismantled at the end of it.

Why should you opt for our audio equipment rental

The success of your event together with excitement of your audience matters the most to us, which is why we always strive to deliver the most impeccable audio, one that will deeply resonate with your crowd and make the entire event that much more memorable.


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