Remote work solutions – how can technology help you adapt?

Various studies have come to a conclusion that working out of the office confinements benefits the employees in a number of ways. Apparently, employees working from home are more efficient, healthier and they seem to have a more pragmatic work-life balance.  

In order to keep their employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by storm in the beginning of 2020. more companies and business ventures are focusing to optimize their employees’ daily tasks so that they can be managed online.  

Luckily, technology came a long way, especially during the last decade. An expansion of the worldwide IT sector with the help of high-end softwares made communication between people all over the world, practically, effortless, thus offering remote work solutions to people heavily struck by the current situation

While this may sound like a long awaited work-revolution everyone was rooting for, the actual switch from traditional office-work to working from a remote location has its challenges. 

From training your team on how to use the latest remote work softwares to everything you need to focus on when hosting an online event, we’ve listed a couple of useful remote work solutions that will help you make an easier transition from traditional office-work to working from a remote destination. 

The biggest difficulties people experience when working from a remote location 

A lot of employees like working from a remote destination rather than the office. The ability to take your work to your favorite cafe or even halfway across the planet is exciting for many people, especially the younger ones. 

By having the option to choose, employees gain a bigger sense of freedom which impacts their productivity and the motivation in a good way.

However, not everyone is sharing that opinion since a lot of people actually prefer to work from their cubicle or an office since it cuts them off from distractions. Work from home can be  especially challenging for new parents or people with large families. 

From inadequate working conditions to a lack of technical equipment, throughout this article, we will get familiar with the biggest difficulties workers struggle with when it comes to switching to out-of-office working.

Minimalist surroundings in the flat

Obscure border between working hours and free time is the biggest downside 

We’ve surveyed a number of people that have been working online since the pandemic started, here’s what they have to say about the remote-working experience

The most frequent problem when it comes to working from home is unplugging after work as per 40% of the people that we’ve surveyed. Loneliness is coming in at a close second with 30% of our recipients, stating that one of the biggest advantages of working in an office is the social element. 

When it comes to working online, many would think that communicating and collaborating with your peers wouldn’t be an issue in modern times. Still, a lot of people find it easier to present their ideas and communicate with others in real life. 

A lack of motivation as well as various obstructions at home are the main culprit of the 20% of our participants. These obstructions come mainly, courtesy of newborn children or toddlers interfering with the daily duties of their parents.

Lastly, a difficulty the least number of workers experience while working from a remote location is the lack of technology and a reliable wi-fi connection.

Modern day technology offers practical solutions on various problems 

Project management issues 

The biggest and the most important difficulty that we’ll tackle from the get go, is project management. Things can get extremely hard when your team is spread out across multiple locations, in some cases, even countries. So, how do we tackle this problem?

Keeping track of the project progress can be a bit challenging when the team is separated. Miscommunication can lead to unnecessary frustrations and affect the productivity of people working on it. 

Smaller teams are always better, but even with a small team, the simplest of challenges can be difficult to overcome when everybody isn’t functioning in sync. We’ve stated below some of our favorite softwares that will help you overcome these issues. 

Conference call

The solution 

Luckily, modern day softwares have a practical solution for every possible challenge a manager and his team may experience when working out-of-office. There are plenty of high quality options available when it comes to project management, however if we had to pick one, it would definitely be gives you the opportunity of keeping track of multiple projects while having a great task management system. It even has the option of keeping track of task progress that everyone can see.

However there is a lot of softwares that you can choose from. Asana and Trello come in handy when it comes to project management as they offer an all-in-one platform with a user-friendly interface for the users that aren’t the savviest when it comes to modern tech. 

Out-of-office collaboration issues

Expressing the ideas and sharing their visions is a difficulty people experience when it comes to working from a remote location. As we’ve previously stated, miscommunication can not only be irritating and cause migraines but it can also jeopardize the entire project. 

In order to evade these issues and finish your tasks as efficiently as possible, without further ado, we present to you the best tools that will make working from a remote location as simple as possible. 

The solution

An effective communication channel goes a long way. Remote collaboration is only effective when everyone’s on the same page. A program that is highly responsive and offers immediate reaction, is a necessity. That means that e-mails, in this case, are off the table. 

A silicon valley-based application called Slack has established itself as the go-to option when it comes to business communication. It’s simple interface, minimalist design and responsive properties provide everything you need to get your message to be heard by your co-workers.

Facebook has, too, launched an application called Workspace that allows the users to integrate their FB profiles with the application, which is really helpful especially to less tech-savvy employees

How to stay productive and motivated

Being a part of a remote team is hard and, more often than not, working from a remote location, and especially, home, can really challenge your focus and motivation. 

While some may argue that this is the consequence of not being directly supervised, we believe that the main culprit of this problem lies somewhere else. A lot of people today don’t really have the perfect working conditions at home, even if they possess the adequate technology to do so. 

Psychologists claim that a working space must be the one of a minimalist design in order to allow it’s inhabitant to really focus on the tasks at hand. With the modern-day man’s attention span getting shorter and shorter, we can easily fall prey to one of many distractions that lay at every “corner”. 

People walking with masks

The solution 

Avoid multitasking at all costs. When it comes to staying on track and providing quality work, one should always distance himself from side tasks that may cause him to stray from the project at hand. 

Working in short bursts helps with boosting efficiency. Short “sprints” of productiveness help increase focus and allows the employees to have more short breaks while working. These short breaks also impact the productivity of the employees as they provide them with a necessary time-cushion in between the projects

Prioritizing your work by removing distractions is a key step when trying to stay motivated. You shouldn’t work from your bedroom or a place that has a bed nearby at all. 

Work space isn’t a place where you’re supposed to feel too relaxed or be surrounded by your hobbies. Instead, it should be designed as minimally as possible in order to keep all of these distractions at bay. We don’t think that you should keep your phone in a separate room, but a “do not disturb” mode does wonders for your productivity as well. 

In conclusion

A workplace that lets you tap into your full productive potential is the one you shouldn’t change. Whether that place is a cafe, a home-office or a co-working space, always strive for the work surroundings that best suit your needs. 

With remote working getting more popular with each passing month, we have no doubt that out-of-office working is a trend that will stay popular for a long time because of the benefits it provides. 

Here at Media Powerhouse, we are providing numerous business owners with the latest technology, services and equipment that will help you and your company practice social distancing. From online event tech support , to online event management softwares, we are committed to helping you organise your event with modern and practical solutions.As times move on and work trends change, we can only speculate on what’s the next popular trend when it comes to remote working. However we’re certain that the technology will, as always, keep coming with innovative ways to provide practical solutions to every possible challenge along the way.

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