LED video wall – the WOW factor you shouldn’t miss

LED displays are panels that project video by using high luminosity light-emitting diodes which allow them to display high resolution images, not only indoors, but outdoors as well. 

The fact that the high brightness of the LED panels makes them visible in the sun, makes them the go to pick for store advertisements, billboards and warning signs on highways. One of the most popular cases of LED wall implementation is the world famous Times Square in New York City.

From their invention back in 1962 up until today, LED wall panels have been a staple of pop culture that applied the WOW factor to numerous events from concerts, fashion shows to flashy advertisements and information panels. 

In this article we will talk about the WOW factor that LED wall panels bring to events, as well as the importance of implementing them in order to better spread the message at hand to the audiences. That being said, keep reading to find out more about this topic. 

Choosing the appropriate LED display panel

Before we dive into the numerous reasons on why you should implement LED display panels during your event, it’s important that you know what type of LED panels will be optimal for the needs of your event.  

There are several different factors that must be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the right LED panel for commercial purposes, but the following one are most important.  

Determine the size of the LED display panel you need 

LED display panels come in every shape and size. Choosing the right size of the LED panels is one of the key tasks that event organisers must consider when organising an event of any kind. 

Size of the LED panel also determines its price. That being said, the bigger the panel, the higher the price will be, so careful budget planning is very important. 

7’x12’ LED screens are a good option for smaller scale levels, while bigger events in large spaces require screen sizes of 18’x25’ or higher. 

Custom sized LED panels are available as well, however their price is higher as well. 

What is Pixel Pitch and why is it important?

Dot Pitch or Pixel Pitch, determines the quality of the image that the LED panels produce. Basically, Pixel Pitch is the empty distance between the light-emitting diodes that make up the LED panel. 

That being said the smaller the Pixel Pitch is, there’s going to be less empty space between pixels resulting in a higher quality image. 

For smaller scale events where the audience will be close to the LED video wall, we recommend using a lower Pixel Pitch. However if the LED displays are further away from the audience, you can opt for a more cost-friendly option of using a display with higher Pixel Pitch. 

LED panels on the concert

Getting familiar with Aspect Ratios

The term Aspect Ratio refers to the ratio of width and height of an image, and it’s displayed in the following way (Width:Height). This being said 1×1 ratio would mean that the width and the height of the image are identical, making the image a square, while a 2:1 ratio makes the width size double the height. 

When it comes to choosing a fitting LED display panel for your event, the Aspect Ratio is one of the most important, if not the most important factor. The standard Aspect Ratio for video display is 16:9 and while it is possible to customize the Aspect Ratio in accordance to your needs, make sure that an experienced professional is handling the entire process since a bad Aspect Ratio can lead to various visibility problems such as: 

  • Cropped videos/images
  • Letterboxing 
  • A stretched or deformed video

The advantages of LED wall panels for events

LED panels have high brightness which makes them the go-to option for billboards and advertisements located outdoors, since they can clearly show image even in high luminosity surroundings. 

However, LED wall panels are great for events as well since their viewing angle is pretty wide making them an ideal answer when a presentation to a big audience is needed. Apart from that, LED video walls are also used to display interesting effects and simulations, but we will talk about that more later on. 

Better communication with the audience 

LED screens are very helpful when it comes to communicating with the audience. Apart from improving the visibility of the events taking place on stage, LED video walls can deliver important messages such as safety protocols, event rules and exit instructions among many others. 

By projecting important announcements onto the LED video wall, we are making sure that the entire audience has successfully received the message we are trying to send out to them. 

However, in order to communicate with the audience on the highest possible level, we recommend pairing the audio message with the visuals presented on the LED panels. 

Advertisement and sponsorships options

Another huge benefit of implementing LED wall panels into your event is the possibility of attracting sponsorships and generating profit off the advertisement space. 

Renting out LED wall panels can be a bit heavy on the budget, since they must be handled by professionals from their mounting to actually operating them. 

However, organisers and planners of higher scale events that host wider audiences, have found a way to generate considerable amounts of revenue by simply renting out the advertisement space to various companies. 

The best example of how much money can be made from advertisements on LED wall panels is the fact that during the 53rd Super Bowl in 2019, the cost of a 30-second commercial was between 5.1 and 5.3 million USD. 

LED panles in Tokyo

Visuals improve the event experience 

The WOW factor is something that makes the difference between good and amazing events. As event organisers it is our job to provide an amazing event experience to our audience. 

This is where LED video walls play a crucial part since we can use them to display fascinating visuals that will impress even the toughest of crowds.

The best part about providing the audience with an amazing experience is that they will be more likely to attend the same event a couple of times, and even attend the ones in the future. 

We hope that you’ve gained more knowledge about LED video walls, their characteristics and the way to implement them into your events in the best possible way, after reading this article. Here at Media Powerhouse, we are providing numerous business owners and event organisers  with the latest technology, services and the equipment needed for holding an exceptional event. From providing the A/V solutions to stage construction, we are committed to making sure your events stand out in a positive manner with modern and practical answers to all of your media-related needs.

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