Learn how to capture audience attention during your event

Capturing and maintaining the attention span of the audience at an event is certainly a challenging task that not many people have the ability to accomplish. You may have even found yourself dozing off while listening to a speaker that fails to bring enthusiasm to his presentation. 

On the other hand, there are plenty of factors that may have contributed to your lack of interest since there’s always the possibility of you being too tired to pay attention in the first place

Whatever the case may be, the fact is that the audience attention span tends to decrease with every passing minute. Declining attention span is a natural occurrence after all, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an impact on decreasing it.

Presenting something that you’re passionate about to an audience that’s zoning out, apart from being absolutely useless, is every narrator’s worst nightmare. Luckily, there are a couple of things that you can do to evade this dreadful scenario. 

However, simply saying that you need to find creative ways to keep your audience on their toes is easier said than done. For this reason, throughout this text, we’ve made sure to give you a few tips on how to catch audience attention during your event.

Interaction is the key of maintaining the attention of the audience

Nobody likes listening to long, boring, lectures that make you feel like you’re back in high-school. That being said, spending hours preparing a speech that doesn’t engage your audience in any way is a big mistake that most novice presenters make when starting out

The worst part is, even though the matter of the text may be good, informative, well-written and/or spoken, the high probability is that, by the end of it, nobody will pay attention to it

As opposed to trying to hold a lecture, think of your audience as an equal contributor to the conversation and give them the opportunity to enhance your presentation by asking questions and even stating their own opinion on the matter at hand. 

Even though the idea of halting your speech and providing strangers the opportunity to ask away and state their opinions may seem scary at first, you would be surprised to see how much the interest in the topic at hand will increase, thus leading to a successful event

In conclusion, regardless if you’re hosting an event or actually speaking at one, make sure that, throughout the presentation, you include a couple of Q&A sessions, as they can provide you with valuable feedback and drastically improve the quality of the entire event.

How to capture audience attention? -It’s easier than you may think

In modern times it’s definite that the world is almost completely run by media and technology. Every experienced event organiser is familiar with the importance of smart media usage. Utilisation of media is such an important task that, without it, holding the attention span of your audience would almost be an impossible mission. 

However that doesn’t mean that you should go overboard with it’s usage since too much media implementation can easily divert the attention away from the main focus of your event and the message the speakers are trying to get through. 

The correct example on how to capture and maintain the attention of the audience in a unique way is implementing media throughout the event.  By using videos, audio elements and images to illustrate the cases stated during the presentation or lecture, since the attendees now have a visual stimulus in addition to simply hearing what the text speaker has prepared.

This leads us to a conclusion that using media throughout your event should be used with extreme caution so that, by the end of the presentation, it enhances your event and the message you’re trying to send towards the attendees instead of diverting the focus from it.

Holding mini contests throughout your event is a great way of capturing the attention of an audience

One thing that really makes people get more engaged in the matter at hand is making them compete against each other in a friendly manner, and if they can win certain prizes, all the better. 

Experienced event planners do this all time when they’re trying to take the engagement of the audience to a higher level. Since this method doesn’t only provide answers only on how to catch audience attention, but also teaches us how to maintain it until the end of the presentation, this is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to engaging your audience in a unique way. 

Getting to know your attendees gives you important input on how to maintain audience attention 

How to capture the audience attention during an event may seem extremely hard, and the truth is that, even though there is a wide array of tools that can help us to spice things up a bit in order to keep the spectators interested, the only way of truly capturing your audience is to truly understand and address their points of interest

At the end of the day, your goals as a speaker or an event organiser is to affect your audience at an emotional level, or in other words, get them excited to engage their heart and mind over the course of your presentationHere at Media Powerhouse, we are providing latest technology solutions, services and equipment that will help you to elevate your events to a higher level. From providing the A/V effects, to setting up the stage, we are committed to helping you organise your event with modern and practical solutions.

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