Ideas for virtual events – make your online events stand out in a creative way

Looking back on 2020, it’s safe to say that an extremely challenging and an eventful year is behind us. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced industries all over the world to improvise, adapt and overcome numerous obstacles in order to stay afloat. 

Due to safety reasons, many businesses all over the world have closed their stores and offices with the intention of stopping the further spread of Covid-19. This has led to a massive business migration to the internet for both the customers and the employees. 

Although modern applications, like Virtual Gallery among many others, are providing an easy way for teams to communicate, project managers worldwide still seem to struggle with certain aspects when it comes to virtual events organisation, planning and execution.

For this reason, we’ve done our best to comprise a list of creative ideas for virtual events that will make online co-working, presentations and team-buildings both fun and productive at the same time.

So, keep reading to find out how to make your online events stand out in a creative way. 

Virtual team building activities – spend quality time with your co-workers online

Remote team building can really be a challenge given the fact that the people tend to create stronger emotional and professional ties when sharing the ideas in person, rather than through a screen. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the team building events should be left in the rearview mirror. They are a crucial part of every functional team where members get to familiarize themselves a bit more about the nature of their co-workers and share various interests and ideas.

It’s safe to say that every project manager wants a team that works like a tightly knit community made of friends rather than a group of strangers working together on a certain project with no passion whatsoever. 

There is a wide variety of fun team building activities for remote teams and games that will help build stronger ties between you and your co-workers So, go ahead and organise your virtual team building event as soon as possible.

Host a virtual charity event – kindness is the key in troubled times

We have previously mentioned that a lot of businesses’ have completely ceased their operations due to a lack of customers amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. This has led to numerous people losing their jobs, thus leaving them in a serious financial disrupt.

Given the fact that, to this day, we still remain clueless on the possible length of the pandemic at hand, a helping hand is a much needed stimulus to a growing number of people. 

Kindness really is the key in troubled times, and as far as ideas for virtual events go, hosting an online charity event  is the most noble one of them all. 

In cooperation with your team, pick an organisation or an individual that you would want to donate funds, food or clothing to, and start an online organisation. Not only will you and your team be doing a noble and kind deed, but you will most likely attract the attention of the media, and potentially more well-off donors. 

Virtual education event – a great way to upgrade your skill

If there are any advantages to the unfortunate state that the world is currently in, it would definitely be the opportunity to spend more time on upgrading our skills. Whether they are work or hobby related, skills in various fields are an extremely helpful asset, and the best part is, the higher they get, the more opportunities they provide.

That’s why hosting an online education-sharing conference is one of the best virtual event ideas out there. Simply decide on the topic that you want your event to be based on, contact your local experts and people interested in the topic and start sharing the knowledge. 

Co-learning online is projected to become one of the biggest online trends. So, if you lack ideas for virtual events, give virtual education a chance, you will be surprised by how much you’ll be able to learn. 

Online product launch – let the world be your audience 

You don’t have to be an expert in internet science to know that the online presence worldwide is at its peak at the moment, due to the pandemic. But, why is this important, what does it mean and how can we benefit from this?  

A lot of entrepreneurs, software designers and influential media personalities are using the enormous presence of people on the internet to promote their product or content in a fastest and, more importantly, most efficient way by hosting online product launch events.

The internet is an enormous platform that offers easy access to any content, thus making the entire world your audience. That being said, with a bit of careful planning, people all over the world are successfully launching their products online to enormous crowds which leads to a successful monetization

Online product launches are the most lucrative type of virtual event ideas and, for this reason, the most popular of them all. 

We hope that, after reading this text you now have a  clear picture when it comes to a wide variety of virtual event ideas that will make your online gatherings stand out from the rest in a creative manner. For any additional information,  feel free to contact us, since here at Media Powerhouse, we are providing numerous conference organisers with the latest technology services and equipment for both in-person and online events .From stage construction, to providing the software that allows exceptional video and audio connection online, we are committed to taking your events to the next level in every possible aspect.

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