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In 2019 Media Powerhouse assisted our partners RLC/Technovation with a long running awards event for DHL staff. The event is held in each region annually, this year two parts of the event were held in Barcelona and Athens to represent the European and EMEA regions. 

After careful consideration it was decided that due to the geography the Barcelona and Athens events would be done from one truck using one set of equipment. To achieve this the team at Media Powerhouse CAD modelled the inside of the truck, every flight case and every piece of set. Not only to ensure that everything would fit but also that it would be unloaded and reloaded in the right order.

All the venues were extensively CAD modelled and the equipment carefully chosen for its versatility, Through our partners at the Creative Place all the scenic was deliberately done using super low weight and space saving “stretchframe” printed canvas frames, meaning large walls of print could be produced and transported without the weight and volume penalties this would normally incur.

The first venue was the Cavas Cordiniu outside Barcelona, an ancient underground wine cellar complex containing over 27 kilometres of tunnels. The team branded the underground trains with the company’s logos to enhance the guest experience during the guided tour and provided sound/lighting for the evening’s entertainment.

The second venue in Barcelona was the Estacion, a part of the local train station, which was magically transformed into an awards dinner venue using a 27 meter long stretchframe to hide the existing bar, and a printed stretchframe set to provide the main set backdrop.

The third venue was the Casa de Llotja, a converted medieval trading hall in the centre of Barcelona. This was converted into a gala awards dinner venue with a red carpet, photo print stretchframe walls, and a centrepiece LED wall set with view light panel sides. There were also four satellite stages for one of the acts and themed lighting throughout.

The truck moved between each venue to precisely reload as needed for the next venues logistics. Each reload was planned in CAD so the kit would be unloaded in the right order at the next venue.

The first venue in Athens was the Ble Pavillion overlooking the ocean, which was the opening party for the guests. Media Powerhouse installed a stretchframe scenic backdrop along with video projection and lighting to this venue, with a local company providing PA for the evening’s entertainment.

The second venue was the Hotel Grande Bretagne, a 5-Star venue in the centre of Athens. The ballroom was transformed into a recreation of the Pantheon using a central LED wall flanked by LED wall columns.

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