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Cheerful Twentyfirst


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Media Powerhouse were approached by award-winning creative agency Cheerful Twentyfirst to provide technical support and hardware for a major international conference at Westminster Park Plaza.

Cheerful Twentyfirsts creative team had envisioned a highly unique event design. The objective was to create a 270-degree immersive viewing experience in the central plenary space. Media Powerhouse constructed a record-breaking 69m x 3.5m, three-sided LED screen to wrap around the space. The seamless screen was assembled using 3.9mm LED product as a single product batch, which was ground supported on an 80cm high steel deck platform and counterweighted by nearly 11 tonnes of ballast. The whole structure weighed 27 tonnes and was loaded in, built and levelled in a single day. The total LED screen was 17664 x 896 pixels and incorporated two fire exits.

Access was a challenge, with the venue loading bay only allowing a single 18T truck at any time. To resolve this challenge, Media Powerhouse arranged and managed 28 truck movements in a day and a half. As space onsite was limited, the majority of the empty flight cases were taken off site before the show and were returned for the derig.

Media Powerhouses’ Pandoras media servers provided the video playback & graphics sources to two Barco E2 Controllers, which fed into 10 HDMI DA’s and 20 LED wall processors to provide main and backup signals to the LED screens. In addition to the media servers, Cheerful Twentyfirst provided additional sources for VT & graphics. Media Powerhouse provided a HD broadcast PPU with four cameras whose outputs were fed via the Barco E2 to the downstage monitors, show relay and recordings.

A venue-wide show relay was also installed as a last-minute client request using webcast technology, as the venue’s network infrastructure was unable to support the show relays specification.

Media Powerhouse installed a flown truss grid specially designed to eliminate any sightline intrusion to the LED Screens from any flown item. Lighting and sound were also provided by Media Powerhouse, using a D&B Q7 distributed PA system and Dante digital audio networking. The flown lights were all LED and were either Coemar or Colorsource to provide stage wash and audience house lighting.

In addition to the main show, Media Powerhouse provided video equipment for a venue wide digital signage system, along with a comprehensive power plan for a temporary office space suitable for up to 120 people. Media Powerhouse provided a bespoke cable management solution for the clients IT department and installed this system overnight ready for show day.

Media Powerhouses H&S documentation and structural engineers reports for the project were highlighted by the venue as being among the most comprehensive and detailed they had received for a project of this size and complexity.

The week-long event involved over 400-man days, 107 bed nights for crew, 28x truck movements plus cross loading of over 400 LED Screen modules to enable Media Powerhouse to create a faultless experience on behalf of our renowned client, Cheerful Twentyfirst.

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